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MultiPurpose Keeping our children safe

Jason TarR

Jason Tarr was a married man with a family, but he chose to throw that all away by chatting to children online and arranging to meet one of them for sex.

Arron Burden

Arron Burden was arrested at Croydon Travel Lodge after booking a hotel room for the night, and arranging to meet what he thought was a 13 year old child. Arron had been chatting to multiple children and had arranged to meet us 4 times

Neil Caddy

Neil Caddy had been chatting to various children across multiple hunting groups. He was released on bail while his devices go off to be searched.

Paul Moore

Paul Moore to Chatham train station to meet what he believed to be a 13 year old venerable child. Paul had told the child he wanted to have sex with them, and he wanted to go back to her house amongst other things

I**** J**

I**** had been chatting to a 13 year old decoy for over a week, sending explicit messages and had planned to meet our decoy for s*x. I**** has been released on bail with strict conditions.

G**** W****, 22, Plumstead

G**** came to Bromley after grooming a 13 year old girl online, he had been chatting with this girl for over a week before eagerly arraning to meet her. Luckily we were chatting to him and arranged to meet him along with Police!

Phil Parkes, 39, Wolverhampton

Phil Parkes, 39, from Wolverhampton was grooming several decoy accounts across several hunting groups. These decoy accounts ranged from 13 and 14 year olds girls. Internet Interceptors stung Phil, we have offered out chat logs as evidence to help their case.

Kenny Wright, 47, Belfast

Kenny Wright, 47 from Belfast was grooming what he thought was a 13-year-old girl. He had been grooming a child for 2 weeks, before arranging to book a hotel and fly over to spend several days with the girl. Kenny was met at Bromley South train station by Protecting Kids Online, and the Police. Kenny has been remanded, he attended court to give his plea, we have spoke with the police who dont have an update for us yet.

Stephen Reid, 46, Glasgow

Stephen Reid was met at Glasgow coach station by Protecting Kids Online, he had been grooming a child who he believed had travelled up to spend the night with him. Stephen and been sending sexual chat, indecent images, indecent videos and explained in detail what he would like to do to the girl. Stephen Reid is 46 years old and from Glasgow.

Joe Wake, 34, Durham

Joe Wake 34 from Durham was caught by 7 different decoys, sending extensive sexual chat, links to porn sites, and indecent images of children. The sting was carried out by Dark Justice who were also monitoring him. Protecting Kids Online had Joe Wake on a decoy account, and will submit our evidence as well.