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MultiPurpose Keeping our children safe

Raise Awareness

Here at Protecting Kids Online we are trying to raise awareness to the growing online threat to children and younger teens.

This issue has become more exposed within the media due to the uprising of "hunter groups", these groups use "decoys" to pose as minors in order to lure in a "pedophile", in which they get the "pedophile" to meet the "decoy" in an public place(this is called a sting). Once the "sting" has been set , the "hunters" await the arrival of the "pedophile", upon their arrival the "pedophile" is confronted by the "hunters" who video the "sting" after which the Police are called.

We at Protecting Kids Online are trying to raise awareness to the growing risk online of grooming, by uploading cases of "pedophiles" that we have taken down, updating ways of reducing the risks to you and/or your children, giving helpful tips and software you can use in order to provide you and/or your childrens safety while online.

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