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I**** J**

I**** had been chatting to a 13 year old decoy for over a week, sending explicit messages and had planned to meet our decoy for s*x. I**** has been released on bail with strict conditions.

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G**** W****

G**** came to meet what he believed to be a 13 year old girl that he had been messaging daily. G**** had planned it so he knew the girls mum would be out and his intentions were to go back to hers.

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Bromley South Train Station

A man under the name of Kenny Wright, 47, from Belfast had been grooming a 13 year old child online and had arranged to fly over and spend several days in a hotel with this child.

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Glasgow Coach Station

Stephen Reid, 46, from Glasgow had been grooming a 13 year old girl online for over 3 weeks. He had arranged for the girl to catch a a coach from London to Glasgow coach station before taking her back to his.

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Monitor Your Children

You need to pay close attention to who your children are talking to online and who's on their friends list. Make regular checks and ask them who their friends are

Online Risks

Predators contact children through all sorts of different websites, games and apps. They either pose as a child themsekves or groom them as an adult

Work With Police

We work closely with the police on each case that comes our way, abide by all laws, and provide detailed evidence.

Spot The Signs

Children often show us rather than tell us that something is upsetting them. There may be many reasons for changes in their behaviour, but if we notice a combination...

Latest Cases

About us

Online grooming is rife, we want to help put a stop to it for good! #forthekids

- Protecting Kids Online

What We Do

We create decoy profiles of children as young as 11 years old and put them out into the public domain on various websites and apps. We then wait for predators to contact our accounts and then go from there...

Everything we do is inline with the law and we cooperate with all local law enforcement agencies.

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